Great Barrier Reef Arena

A world-class precinct designed to serve the community
and attract visitors to enjoy the wonders of our region.


An International
Standard Venue

  • 2000 new permanent seats
  • Media and broadcast facilities for AFL and cricket
  • Purpose-built facilities for players and officials
  • Corporate and event facilities
  • One of Australia’s largest regional sporting facilities
  • Professional grade male & female changerooms
  • Meeting national and international sporting event requirements

Creating a Year Round
Community Destination

  • Greenspace & public domain
  • Music and cultural event facilities
  • Interconnecting walking tracks
  • New food and beverage outlets
  • Community event plaza

Promoting our Wonders to
Australia and the World

In addition to attracting new visitors to our region, the
national live broadcast of AFL and cricket events will
provide valuable exposure of our amazing natural assets
across the country and the world.

Regional Impact

Independent economic assessment projects annual

gross regional output of $31 million+ each year with major

sport, entertainment and cultural events increasing

visitation to the area by over 54,000 nights per year.


Over the 18-month construction period 90 additional

local jobs will be created, together with a total

economic output of $43.2M, making an important

contribution to post-pandemic recovery.

Construction Phase

Increase in Gross Regional Product:


90 New Jobs

Total Output