Mackay’s Chilli Eating Contest


How much heat can you handle?


Registrations for Mackay’s Chilli Eating Contest are now open to seasoned chilli connoisseurs or those looking for a spicy thrill. The first 10 participants to register will have the chance to showcase their heat tolerance. With a fiery lineup of peppers and dishes, ranging from mild to wild, participants will embark on a culinary adventure like never before.


What is involved in the Chilli Eating Contest?


Taking place on a stage set on the Great Barrier Reef Arena, the contest unfolds across 7 rounds. The initial rounds ease participants in with milder selections, gradually escalating the heat. Each round presents a new challenge. Past Mackay Chilli Eating Contests have witnessed contenders beginning with Padron chilies and advancing to the intense heat of Carolina Reapers and beyond. Elimination occurs when participants succumb to the heat with a forfeit. Participants will be given a bottle of milk to taunt them into tapping out.


First place will win $500 plus a winners trophy!


Register here for Mackay’s Chilli Eating Contest

Note: Only the first 10 registered participants will have the chance to compete in the Chilli Eating Contest.